Tits and pieces

Be polite in your speeches

Your guess is as good as mine

Statement of a carcrash victim

A  seagull's song

The little dictator

The genius score

A gentlemen's agreement

Dead man's beating heart

Genetic engineering

The many obstacles in writing loveletters

Deep in the sea

The bullying wasp

Weeds don't die

James' hangover

Remote control

Mind machinery 

The conquest of the Far West

Egg yolk mystery

 Birthday party

The graduated pilots

The castaways

Sudden light

The anger within

Checkpoint Charlie

With Sweety in the docks

Happy honeymoon

Cucumber man


Solitary confinement

Cannibalistic bewitching

The fragrance of rotten fish

Critical but stable condition

Tick bite

Gentlemen's agreement

Bye bye  illusions !

Dormant scandals

Ozzy Osbourne's worst nightmare

The talk of the town

Guests for supper

Feast in the Middle East

A highly sensitive waitress

Act four of the play

The drop that made the house overflow


Salon of the refused

Kill the king !

You can't swim in an empty pool

Imaginary romances

Painter on thin ice

Disguise of the carpenter

How it all began...

The infirmary

Prisoner of the pouch

Liturgical variants

Old world monkeys

Idiot bastards

On the gravy train

The rough track

The puppet theater

Gathering the dipshits

The railway yards

Mountain top experience

Garbage recycling

 Pendulum of doom

The discovery of paradise

                                     New solvents

Projected on a big screen

Medical care

A history of submission and persecution

Rainy eyes

Do pigs have wings ?

The burden of being a hero

Do you want them sunny side up ?

Mayday mayday !

Mourning the ancient pirates

Romeo is a monkey

Chicken George 2 days before his death

Ostend rock

Too hot to handle


Clogged drain